Volunteer Induction Training coming soon!

Volunteer Induction Training coming soon!

We’ve just launched an appeal for new volunteers to join our team of advocates. The Induction Training, which is free of charge, will give you the skills you need to undertake the role.

One of our most recent recruits told us:

“I did the A Voice for You Induction Training sessions last year and really enjoyed them – the sessions were all informative and fun. Being an advocate gives you a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and do something which really makes a difference in the life of a vulnerable person.”

Having an advocate is very special to a person with a learning disability. Imagine if you only had contact with people who are paid to provide support for you from day to day. Imagine then how special it would be to have someone independent who chooses to be there for you and ensure that people listen to you and defend your rights. How fantastic!.

If you would like more information about our training, which starts on Monday September 10th please contact us for a chat on 01686 629951 – you can join our great team. Click here for more information about the content of our training and other volunteering opportunities.

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